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By day I’m a Master’s Student at Tufts University studying Food & Nutrition Policy & Programs with a focus on Nutrition Innovation & Communication (it’s a mouthful, right!?), and a Vegan Consultant and Content Creator by night! I have a passion for helping companies of all sizes create plant-based content that their customers love! If you’re looking to connect with the vegan community, I can help! 

My Approach

The first thing I like to do is to establish a really good understanding of what your goals are. Then I help you create a customized plan that is measurable and actionable to help achieve those goals. 

Honest Results

I’m very transparent when it comes to your results. I’ll share key metrics with you so that you can further assess the quality of my work. With a combined effort and customized strategy, we can help you realize your vision.

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Connecting with the Vegan Community

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“Kayla is a true social media talent. Her eye-catching photography and honest, compelling communication style draws people in and keeps them actively engaged. Her passion and knowledge about food shine through, making her a valuable partner for brands with posts you actually look forward to viewing!”

Heather Sears – Founder, Kinsho Kitchen

“Kayla knows how to bring people together, especially for a mission-based cause like veganism. She has a way with words and always brings a bit of fun and a bit of education to the conversation. If you have a vegan food business, I’d highly recommend reaching out to Kayla for promotional and consulting assistance.”

Matthew Kaplan – Founder & CEO, Mobile Cooks

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long have you been vegan?

The short answer is 5 years as of this past May. If you want to get into more detail, I went vegetarian around age 12 and had been transitioning since then. I am still in an ongoing process to veganize my daily purchases and brands that I support to align with my ethics; however, I do not consume or wear any animal products or goods tested on animals to the best of my ability. And yes, I do manage to live without dairy cheese and I get plenty of protein!

Can i be in the plant-based space without being fully vegan?

Of course! It has been so exciting to see plant-based and vegan options growing across industries. We can talk about how to market your brand to the plant-based community while being honest about your own food story. Your success in the space will depend on your motivation and effort supporting the plant-based movement.

Why is your focus in the Boston area?
For the time being, I am in Boston for graduate school and I find my resources are well developed and effective when I focus on my local community. This allows me to have a deep understanding of the surrounding market and provide you with the best connections to people, events, and vegan treats. I am happy to consider inquiries for outside of Boston, on a case by case basis.
I don't currently have a platform or business in the food space, can you still help me?
Absolutely! My main reason behind launching Veggie Kayla is that surrounding myself with entrepreneurs and foodies is energizing and inspiring. I am more than happy to talk you through the early stages of your idea and connect you with resources to help get you on your way.

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