Somehow in the middle of finals and end of the year craziness, I managed to write an article for the VedgeTalk Podcast’s Blog!

VedgeTalk is an awesome Podcast hosted by vegan power couple, Ana and Matt. They interview vegan leaders from all over the world and have wonderful discussions that cover subjects like navigating mental health on social media, climate change, plant-based nutrition, diversity in Hollywood, and many many more interesting topics.

Bonus, VedgeTalk is offered in both Spanish and English!

Take a look at my article “Animal Dairy vs Plants” on the VedgeTalk blog (click HERE)! I have also included a quick preview below. ↓

As someone who has been lactose intolerant since birth and fully plant-based for 5.5 years, I am absolutely stoked about the boom in plant-based options for yogurt, cheese, milk, and other traditionally animal dairy based products! But I also know that the more products that are offered the more difficult and overwhelming it can be to choose. So, I’m here to help!

The first step is to be aware of animal milk in food and drink products. You’d think it would be obvious but milk powder is a sneaky little thing.

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