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As a graduate student, I write a lot. My thoughts are not very linear so I find writing to be the best way to organize them. I see a blog as an opportunity to further develop my skills in a way that is challenging, cathartic, and more free-form than academic writing. Stay tuned for entertaining rants, opinion pieces, product and restaurant reviews, and articles written in collaboration with some brilliant people. 


Veggie Kayla on the VedgeTalk Blog

Somehow in the middle of finals and end of the year craziness, I managed to write an article for the VedgeTalk Podcast’s Blog!

Vegan Family Matters

If you’re vegan and reading this and don’t have vegan family members, my advice is to be patient. Make your loved ones some amazing vegan food, or share some fun and touching facts about animals.

What the Health is a Health Coach?

While the health coaching scope of practice can feel broad and difficult to define, as a general rule if you are skeptical about somebody’s qualifications to offer specialized medical advice or diagnose a medical condition, go with your gut and seek out professional medical advice from somebody board certified.

I’m Not Anti-Meat

This “anti-meat” movement is not as simple or elementary as this article makes it seem. Abstaining from animal products may be very trendy now, but it is not a brand new concept.

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